As experts in the student and immigration business with several years of experience in some of the more well-known Consultancies, our team and associates at Velox Overseas Education is involved in every stage from considering the career path counselling till the way to ticketing and Foreign exchange. We offer continual functional and technical support even after the Visa process has been completed. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including document-preparation, Admission Process, Visa file process, financial evidence detail formats, and guidance for further procedures. We provide reliable support, and resolve any and all troubleshooting issues that arise during the entire Visa Process.

Velox Overseas Education brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as liaison between the Institutions and the students. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving efficiency through proper procedures. Our associates, be they institutions or Universities, they are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise, thereby ensuring that our clients secure for themselves the right career path…

Our Mission & Vision

Meeting the clients’ expectations and surpassing the client’s needs, is our mission at Velox Overseas Education. With experienced staff, diligent work ethics and a sincere process plan, we offer the best of services, without complicating the issues. We help in transforming careers/life through maximum procedure transparency.Our vision is to be the most reliable & respectable foreign education consultancy known by our clients for providing quality and ethical advises.

Our Approach

Career growth is at the root of every individual’s quest for a better life, from qualifications that enhance your value in the competitive job market to personal drive seeking a unique place in the world, quality education rules the world. At Velox Overseas Education, we offer guidance for courses, from the best universities in Australia, U.K, Canada, New Zealand and U.S, showing today’s youth that dreams do come true, that the effort behind their purposeful quest will bear results, and most importantly to help them listen to their own inner voice and thus fulfill their dreams.

We are dedicated to students who want more from education than just the qualification, and we take pride in explaining the potential demand of courses and how the desired qualification will work for them. Velox Overseas Education aims to lead students towards a better understanding of how disciplines such as management, accounting, science,engineering and other courses  would affect their overall career plan.

We offer guidance for both undergraduate and post-graduate programs, making the students of our country decide how they can change their lives through commitment, sincerity and the bold move forward towards a new life.

Today, Velox Education is one of the leading Foreign Education Consultant in Gujarat, India not only guiding students for study in Australia, UK, NZ, Singapore and Canada  but also expanded its operation for coaching and migration services. In this endeavor, Mr.Vipul Patel and Mr.Anand Patel their exemplary leadership skills,have ably supported Mr. Philips John, business acumen and strategic planning has been instrumental in shaping the destiny of the organization.

At Velox Overseas Education we assist the client, whether student, Dependant or Skilled Immigration.

Velox Overseas Education’s head office is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India controlling the entire sub agents network offices across Gujarat & India. With in short span of time, Velox Overseas Education has gained a great deal of popularity among the students going to Australia, UK, other countries as a result of career based counseling by Mr. Philips John and supporting staff who have in-depth understanding of the various qualification frameworks & career outcomes. The staff is well versed with the entry requirements of various Universities, which enables a simplified, and faster admission process.

An enthusiast and knowledgeable team lead by Mr. Philips John who has counseled more than 500 students at Velox Overseas Education since 2012 claims of nearly 100% visa success.

The counselors at Velox Overseas Education are registered members of English language tests, TOEFL and QEAC exam.